When it comes to Scottsdale Arizona, you will find that it is a golfing haven. It has recently been called the “Beverly Hills of the Desert”. It is recognized as an international getaway destination. Most of the tourist that come to Scottsdale come for the golfing. There are so many areas within the city that you can go to play a few rounds.

In fact, there are places in Scottsdale that you can purchase to play golf all year around. These condos come with free membership to a local green (which is usually located in your backyard) and you can play as much golf as you would like. You can invite a few guests over to take advantage of the club and then you enjoy your new investment.

Scottsdale is one of the mostly seeked golf destinations and is home to more than 200 courses. You can live feet away from the fairway by purchasing a condo in the area, or you can vacation and stay at a hotel that has their own golf course.

Many of the courses in the area are private. You either need to be part of the club or you need to be renting a room or place to play. It is definitely a place that you should go if you truly love golf. Scottsdale, Arizona is home to the Phoenix open as well as other professional club tournaments. It’s famous for its golf, that some of the most professional golfers settle in Scottsdale.

If you happen to be traveling with your family, don’t worry because there are plenty of things for them to do. Scottsdale has plenty of shopping destinations as well as action. She’ll love going to the spa for a full pampering and there are plenty of things for the children to do. Let’s not forget the scenery. Have you have seen Scottsdale?

It’s wonderful and very romance at sunset. Not only can you watch the sun rise and fall over the desert in the most spectacular way, but you enjoy hours and hours of golfing. There are plenty of clubs and restaurants to woo your wife to fall in love with you all over again. That is, of course, if you can pry yourself from the golf course.

So instead of going somewhere in France or other romance destinations, take your wife to Scottsdale, she’ll be so preoccupied that she’ll never even notice that your at the golf course.

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