Golf has become a very popular sport. In fact, some high schools offer it along with other sports so that you can compete with other schools. The actual sport is where people place a small ball on a tee (little stand like) and then you try to hit the ball as far as possible and as close to the hole as possible.

When you go golfing you will notice that not every golfing club has the same layout as another. This is the only game where the area that you play is not regulated. Baseball fields, baseball courts, and soccer fields are all the same.

However, when you golf you will notice not ever place is the same. They all have 18 holes and it can take awhile for a game to go through. Depending on how many people are playing together and how many strokes each has to take will determine the time of the game.

The game is hardly regulated, but can be fun and relaxing. The sport of golfing is originally from Scotland, however, countries from all over the world is taking this sport in serious consideration. People from all over the world play the most important tournaments and they tour the entire world playing golf. America has a taken a great interest in golf and it can be viewed on many television channels.

This game was once viewed as a game that only those who were well off would play. Today, thousands of people play golf and most of them are average Joe’s. It has become popular with all sections of America’s society. In fact, it is no long a man’s game. Many businesswomen and non-businesswomen play golf with their husbands, co-workers, or friends. Golfing has become huge for Americans as a pastime.

One of the most famous American’s that plays golf is Tiger Woods. He has become very well known for his ability to dominate the green. Even those who don’t follow golf love Tiger because he was the underdog and now has become the king of golf. Tiger Woods has won many trophies for his golfing abilities and he has been playing for quite some time. Tiger Woods has become the poster child for American golf.

With the hype over Tiger Woods, golf has expanded through the states and thousands of people know watch or play golf as a joy and pastime activity.

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