When it comes to the basics of etiquette there is more to do with golf than your manners, but you manners play a big role. You have to think about the safety of the other golfers, pace of play, and maintaining good manners while on the golf course. Golf is not like football; it is a sport that needs good morals and manners for it to be properly enjoyable.

If you are playing with a lot of experienced golfers, you will notice that they all have the same way that they approach the game and that is with respect and consideration for others. For those who are new, you have to learn the basic rules of the game and your manners that you should project while on the green.

First, you should consider the safety for others. You should never swing a club unless the others are at a safe distance. You should also move away from the other players so they can swing carefully. You should never practice your swing in the direction of others because you never know what damage you could possible do.

You may end up hurting someone. You could also pick up a rock or other things in the grass that may injure a person. You should also never hit the ball until you know that the other group has moved out of your range. Even if you don’t think that you could hit it that far, don’t chance it, you never know what you can do. Yell fore so that everyone knows that a ball is in the air so that they can take proper safety precautions.

You should also respect the golf course and the rules of the gold course. This is a no brainer because you don’t want to get kicked out or not be welcomed back. You should also never throw your club out of anger. This is rude and many of the people with you will think you are too childish. It could also be dangerous to anyone standing near you.

If you are new to the game, or just need to brush up on your golf etiquette, here are some basic rules of the road that will help keep the game enjoyable for you and those around you.
Out of respect for your group, the group ahead of you, and the group behind you, you should maintain a good pace. If you don’t like waiting for others, than don’t make them wait on you. You should prepare to make your shot because you have even begun your turn. You should also not waste a lot of time looking for any lost balls.

This will hold everyone back, including the other groups. Five minutes is enough and then you need to move on. If you must, you should wave another group on to play first. This way you aren’t inconveniencing anyone. You should also try to keep up with the group ahead of you. This way you know that you are lagging behind. Always take a couple clubs from your cart. This way you don’t have to waste the time going back and forth for clubs. In addition, you should leave the green as you as your group has finished the putting. This way you don’t waste other people’s time.

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